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Scripted Tower Defense

Scripted Tower Defense

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Screenshot of Scripted Tower Defense
Screenshot of Scripted Tower Defense
Screenshot of Scripted Tower Defense
Screenshot of Scripted Tower Defense
Screenshot of Scripted Tower Defense


1. Real person trading market.
Open the speculation mode, all players share a trading line, buy and sell to earn the commodity price difference.
2. Tower defense formation - random tower washing, strategy matching
Each of the four towers has its own expertise. According to the tower's life, attack, attack speed, attack range, growth qualification and skill slot, the towers are divided into seven qualifications.This is the topic of frequent conversation between players, is the most worthy of research in the game, the largest space, the most unexpected fun to develop.
3. Mechanism of death
Death in the game will return to level 1 and lose the hard-earned towers. Regeneration will randomly determine your tower defense credentials and nurture them until they die again in the middle of the game.It's your choice to move forward and get more rewards or to stay here and play it safe.
4. Leaderboard : PVP competition, PVE list
See the results of the list, hard to develop the tower needs to compete with others!
5. Copy : Ludashi, Green cycle.
You can spend 10 minutes doing both tasks, or you can spend two hours doing a lot of research to maximize your reward.
6. Skills - your tower may not be able to hold the skills you want.
There are currently 34 skills in the game, each of which is divided into three levels: ordinary, advanced, and extreme. New skills are more likely to replace those already learned, so it takes luck and patience for the skills .


After learning game development by myself for about 2 months, I developed a game by myself independently under the careful teaching of 2 teachers in the middle.


Version 5.1.01 2022-07-13
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Publisher 乐辰游戏
供应商 广州乐辰科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440101MA5D53NMXY
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 5.1.01
Size 61 MB
Last Updated on 2022-07-13
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