Cat Tanks
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Cat Tanks

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Customize your tank and play with your friends.
Cat Tanks is an online multiplayer game.
Wage battle against anyone across the country online!
Would it be team play or will it be against each other?

- With matches lasting only 2 minutes, you can play during your free time!
- Easy controls with the paw pad controller.
- Play in both portrait and landscape mode!
- In-app purchases has no affect on gameplay.
- Customize with weapons and skills. Change freely between the types of cats at will.
- Battle in 2 game modes.
- Team Deathmatch: The team with the most kills wins.
- Fight for cat food: The team to collect 10 cans of cat food first wins.

New maps, game modes and skins to come in the future!

What's new

Small bug fixes.

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