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Splits.io - Splix Snake Game

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SPECIAL THANKS for 25000+ downloads and 5,4 stars !!!
We try our best to keep you enjoyed !

Can you splits all lands ?

New popular game is like sliter snakes and agar. Fill the map with your cells. All you need to do is close 3 sides of your land and grow more !

All players are equal ! You need to be smartest one to play. Do not take too much splix.io or you will be defeated !

Next Update 26 september (Every 2 weeks)
*Better Optimization for new phones.(Done)
*New Controller ( Button ) (Done)
*More Rooms for Players (Done)
*New Game Mods (In progress)

*Nice Animations !!!
*Smooth experience
*No lag ! No delay ! Nothing is buggy ! ( We hope )
*Easy, Casual, Swipe controls to make your spltx. io experience better.
*You can play offline and online ! No need Internet Connection all the time !


*Try to focus on your lands to increase your base cel. Move your slither snake to conquer enemies and free lands.
*Do not rush to other territory or you will not became the biggest !
*Your sliter area is important, kill others to defend your cells.
*Eat their tails to kill them.
*Try to grow your sliter and kill enemies who try to conquer your base !
*Kill new snakes to counter their cel blocks.
*Splitter the whole places, conquer the whole world.
*Do not try to be the biggest io, score is not going down.
*Do not hit your own dots, do not hit the end of the map.
*Try to survive.

Do not rush your snakes too fast or you will be defeated. Try to increase your cell blocks first. If other split attacks your land, try to hit his tail splits.
If you attack enemy tail, you will defeat him. If another player hit your snake tail spliter, he will defeat you !
You are safe in your own splix .io, be careful to not die.
Leaving your region may be harmful if there are other snake splix. io around. Try to run away without leaving your zone.
You need to show fast reflexes to defend your land. If you let them take your cell, you will lose splits.io points.
Best way to survive is just not make your tail long. If your tail became too long, other snakes will hit it.
Another important thing is defend your lines. If you do not defend it, others will take it.
Do not underestimate small snake power. They eat a lot and grow really fast. Little splits are focus on harming your land.

The game is new and you need to play a lot of times to master. When you master the game, you can show your score to your friends !
When two players hit head by head, both of them will die.
If you want to take their place, you need to be the first one on the score list. Even the gamplay is not long to survive, you need to be careful on what you are doing. You can swipe anywhere on screen.
If you hit your own, you will defeated. When you respawn, do not forget other players are still playing the game. You need to focus on your grow area. If you do not grow, they will take your base and you will defeated. There is no place for friends on this game. You need to have no mercy, because the game became the popular and you want to win it !
All you need to do is so simple, try to defeat them. Do not let small player's grow so fast. They will eventually hit your colored zone. Using your empty blocks will be helpful to get bigger. Do not chase others or you may be defeated.

*Please send us feedbacks and send bug reports. If you have an idea about mods, expansions or other .io , please send us an e-mail : info@cupcupgames.com


Thanks all suuporters for +25k download !
Updates :
Snake Head SKINS added !
High Score Added !
Better optimisation, smooth gameplay !
Zoom back added !
Better colors & theme added !
Lag reduced !


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  • 系统: 2.3及更高版本
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