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Pixelot is a classic RPG that combines the best parts of classic role-playing games. In Pixelot you create a custom hero and gather allies to defend against the darkness that has swept over the land of Pixelot. The game features numerous recruitable characters, playable classes, items, monsters, and dungeons alike. Promising an engaging story line, humorous dialogue, and a classic yet simple design, Pixelot is a game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

The game includes:
- Create your own custom character
- 6 major story dungeons
- 5 side dungeons to explore
- 24 playable classes
- 300+ items
- 150+ maps
- Game Center achievements
- 50 floor (repeating) end game dungeon, with infinite enemies and difficulty!
- Leaderboard to track you progress in the last dungeon against other players!
- 13 Boss Challenge mode with amazing rewards!
- Leaderboard to track you progress in the Arena Monster mode against other players!

Music is developed by Kairi Sawler, Aaron Krogh, Nashlaga, Karstenholymoly, and Stefan Kartenberg. Please check the below link to learn more about them!

What's new

The journey continues!
- Sail to the island of Wyrm.
- Face powerful pirates, monsters, demons, and dragons.
- 3 new story dungeons and 1 side dungeon.
- Collect 2 more crystals, boosting your offense and defense statistics.
- Several new side quests.
- Recruit 4 new recruitable characters / classes.
- Compete in the Arena Boss and Monster challenges.

New Features!
- Use the map feature to quickly warp to previously discovered locations.
- Use the blacksmithing feature to upgrade your favorite items.
- Updated ability and crystal interfaces
- Global graphics update including tiles, abilities, sprites, and text

Fixed bug that allowed players to promote at level 100

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