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Little Hero

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Screenshot of Little Hero
Screenshot of Little Hero
Screenshot of Little Hero
Screenshot of Little Hero
Screenshot of Little Hero
Screenshot of Little Hero


Little Hero is a placement game in which you will play as a young brave man with a heavy responsibility to save the continent and crush the demon king, you must constantly strive to become stronger! By clicking on the event cards in the game, you will explore a variety of random events and meet many interesting characters full of personality, who will support and help you in your adventure! Trade goods, listen to oracles, build equipment, raise elves, forge magic crystals, befriend mercenaries, explore replicas, collect spells, participate in rituals, and awaken spirits. ...... Everything you do will accumulate into battle power that will help you on your adventure!
Now, let's set off immediately!

- Pixel painting style full of emotions
In our childhood, we all love those classic pixel games that are popular in the streets, and we all have the dream of becoming a brave man! Here, you can send your brave men to protect your home! Here, you can fulfill the dream of a brave man for your childhood self!

- Placement gameplay with offline map pushing
As a placement RPG, we hope that you can easily enhance the brave in your fast-paced life and work, defeat one demon after another, and finally climb to the peak of difficulty, defeat the evil demon king and save your home!

- Random events full of surprises
Random events appear randomly! With a single click, you can increase your strength, weaken the attacks of the demons, and drop a lot of gold and diamonds! You can even open up a variety of hidden ways to play and experience your own mysterious joy!

- Combined with the development and collection system
where you can not only upgrade your mercenaries, but also synthesize high level sprites! Defeated monsters, dropped equipment and so on and so forth are recorded and collected by the handwritten notes, because that is on this adventure, belongs to your honor!

- Strategy of the battle of wits and bravery
More than 20 mercenaries, 30 elves to assist the brave, more than a hundred pieces of equipment can be matched at will, stacked attack and defense capabilities. If you want, you can create your own special legion!










Version 4.5.1 2022-04-27
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1. 新增周年庆系列活动
2. 神树入口调整:移除神树icon,角色界面下方新增“神树”页签
3. 佣兵入口调整:佣兵与精灵入口位置互换
4. 购买重复时装提示优化:勇者购买重复时装时,会弹框提示“已拥有重复时装”
5. 神兽来袭活动优化:新版神兽来袭中,勇者未用有的巨龙也可以进行攻击。


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Developer 良风游戏
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 4.5.1
Size 110 MB
Last Updated on 2022-04-27
Network Connection Required
System Requirements No System Requirements
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