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Screenshot of AbyssBlade
Screenshot of AbyssBlade
Screenshot of AbyssBlade
Screenshot of AbyssBlade
Screenshot of AbyssBlade


Abyss Blade is a cute-Diablo like + Hardcore + Roguelike online game.

-- Game Features --

☆ Exquisite combat operation experience
First of all, we emphasize every move of clear explanation, rather than blindly stack the effects of the pursuit of cool. It's not a easy game experience like mowing. Although it is a Diablo like game, but in terms of operation, we are closer to the action, strike and combat experience of ACT games.

☆ Extremely difficult and challenging
Although we may be able to block a lot of players, we still want to make games that are difficult, especially those that are difficult to play.
Each monster has its own unique skills, and each BOSS has its own unique skills and routines. Every BOSS you challenge becomes an exciting experience. And the player needs to study the BOSS to find the weakness, and then through the move, skill Combe challenge each demon king.

☆ Great randomness of adventure
Seek out new strategies each time
Every time you go into an abyss you get a new dimension. In addition to encountering different monsters, players will also receive gems randomly through method of plate of the altar. And through their own combination to obtain a variety of strange ability. These abilities will change the way you experience each adventure. Learning to make your own battle strategy according to these capabilities is the key to victory.

☆ Various sets of gears
There are many different weapons with different skills in this game. There are also many gears with special abilities. Players need to collect these weapons and gears and design their own battle styles. Whirlwind blade light genre, ranger catapult genre, infinite crit genre, etc.

☆ Adventure encounters with other players
While most of the time you'll be venturing into the abyss alone, there will be occasional encounters with other players. Do you want to fight with each other or join hands with them to challenge the BOSS? It's up to you.

---- World background ----
In this world there is an abyss of the road, connecting human civilization and the devildom. To the north of the kingdom of lota there is a large hole leading to the abyss. Every once in a while there's a demon tide. When the tide comes, a lot of demons come into the human world through the abyss. They are cruel and bloodthirsty, killing people everywhere and devouring human souls. Despite the human struggle to resist, each demon tide will bring tens of thousands of casualties, such a battle continued for countless years. And that fate lasted until a new race was born.

A long time ago, a child with purple skin was born. The child had a demon like short barbs on his forehead and mysterious fuchsia blood. His name was Torres, and he was the world's first demonic man. He had a clear human mind and was able to harness the power of demons. In a demon tide he showed unparalleled strength, let the human race won the first time of victory in demon tide. Shortly after the war, Torres went to the black hole alone. Intended to explore the road to the abyss, but he was gone and never heard from again.

As time went by, more and more demonic people appeared. The kingdom of lota gathered these men together and formed the mobsters, making them the first line of defense against the demons in the black hole. The abyss is fraught with peril, but the energy of the demon gives these demonic men more power and allows them to live longer than normal. While some fell during the expedition, others grew stronger. From a destitute demonic with a rusty sword in his hand to a warrior in full artifact.

Years elude, as a batch of a batch of sealing demonic men to the deeper profundation of abyss, a terrible secret rises to surface slowly.

---- When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you too! ----


Hello, I am the battalion commander of the magic sword refugee camp.

A few years ago, I always wanted to play a real ARPG on my phone, a game that could be won by manipulation. But look for one is not, look for another is not yet. What I found was either a full screen of special effect pay to win game or a game with a bunch of values,or an offline game.

So a year ago I summoned four of my friends together to develop a real ARPG mobile game. We set up the magic sword studio. After a year of efforts, we successfully transformed into the magic sword refugee camp. But at the same time, our painstaking work, 《Abyss Blade》, was finally developed.

As a refugee, i wish to the sky and the earth, i hope you can see our efforts, come in and pay attention please. If you like the hardcore ARPG operation game, I believe this is a real yummy warning.


Version 2.0.17 2021-10-29
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Publisher 雷霆游戏
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Current Version 2.0.17
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Last Updated on 2021-10-29
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