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Screenshot of One Way
Screenshot of One Way
Screenshot of One Way
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One Way is a creative point-and-click puzzle game by cottongame, in which the objective is to find a blue ball on each floor to gain energy for the elevator ride.
The goal is to find a blue ball on each floor to gain the energy to ascend the elevator, and to solve the different puzzles by careful observation and judgment.
With each ascent, players will face a new and wonderful world, with a unique hand-drawn style that brings octopuses, elephants, robots, and cannibals to life, and these, just the tip of the iceberg, with more secrets and more challenges waiting for you.

That's right, this game won the indiaplay Indie Game Carnival Best Game Award in 2015.
Special Jury Prize in the Japanese indie stream competition.
And, by the end of the same year, the game was fully produced and waiting to be released.

Just what happened, now that it's 2019, after all these years.

There's only one explanation: we've raised the bar for ourselves.
At the beginning of 2016, our Lost Island went off without a hitch and received a lot of positive feedback.
It was only logical that One Way would be ready to go online as well. However, we hesitated.

We wanted to do better in the face of players' expectations, and at that time, we had many visions for the game, but left many regrets because of our ability.
So, we kept it secret.

At the beginning of 2018, we made a bold decision to recreate this game.

Reset all the animations.
You can see the animated representations full of all kinds of details, and even if it's just a few seconds of a scene that only plays once, we still carefully designed it just to give the player a fleeting sense of fun.

Rewritten full backstory.
Yes, now, this is a complex story with a fantasy background.

Numerous hidden levels and eggs.
Even without these hidden levels and eggs, this would be a puzzle game with plenty of content. However, we wanted to give the player more surprises than expected.

More and more, that's the sentiment of our production team.
Everyone who made this game gave their all, with the goal of just not disappointing the player.

When we were kids, we used to be shy about talking about our feelings, but when we grew up, we came to understand that we can only feel the beauty of the world if we have expectations and love for it.
Human emotions are a gift.

So, we dedicate this gift to the players and hope you enjoy it.




Version 1.0.7 2021-10-30
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