Guardian Race - 攤牌種族

Guardian Race - 攤牌種族

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The Fantasy Kingdom is on the brink of extinction as Life Energy is almost depleted. As a last effort, the League of the Kingdom decided to send its best members to restore the energy. Do you have what it takes to be one of those select members? Start the running race and find out!

In Guardian Race you PICK A HERO, HATCH A GUARDIAN with unique powers and COMPETE AGAINST OTHER REAL-PLAYERS around the world in a challenging multiplayer running game. After every race the winners split the loot. Its gameplay includes RPG elements. Guardians can be upgraded, your hero levels up, you take on quests and access select running races in the League.

The running race is all about winning thus the use of weapons, Guardians and equipment is a must. No matter if you play in multiplayer run mode with other real players or against the AI, you'll run in various fantasy battlegrounds where you must adapt your battle strategy to win.

Main Features:

✔ MULTIPLAYER RUNNING GAMEPLAY. Guardian Race has an unique gameplay where you compete in a magical running race against other real players. The race is in real-time and you can use weapons, items and even powerful Guardians to try and stop the others or to speed-up your advance. It has RPG elements as well, with hatching Guardians, upgradeable items & heroes, quests and much more.

✔ PICK A POWERFUL HERO. Do you feel like a witch girl? Or more like a skillful ninja? No matter your choice, you can unlock different heroes with powerful abilities that fit your style. You can level-up your hero and become more powerful as you win races and complete quests.

✔ DOZENS OF UNIQUE GUARDIANS. Guardians can be summoned during the running race to help you advance or slow down your competitors. Hatch unique guardians each with special abilities (flying, attacking, defending). Upgrade them to be more powerful and master the race with a flame-spitting Dragon, a havoc-wrecking Stone Golem or dozens of other different guardians.

✔ GEAR-UP YOUR HERO WITH EQUIPMENT. Use collected loot to unlock 4 types of equipment: Hats, Capes, Gloves and Shoes. Aside helping you dress-up your character in style, equipment improves your hero's attack & defense. From common equipment to rare items, this might make the difference between losing & winning the running race game.

✔ USE WEAPONS FOR A REALLY WACKY RACE. Drop bombs, throw hatches, launch boomerangs or spin like a tornado - everything is permitted in this running game. The goal is to overtake other players and win the multiplayer race, NO MATTER WHAT!

✔ RUN IN FANTASTIC WORLDS. The game graphics feature an anime-style story set in fantastic battlegrounds. There are several worlds you'll play in, either in multi-player mode (against other real players) or against the AI in training mode. The secret to success is picking a strategy based on what terrain you're racing in.

✔ LEAGUE MATCHES & RACING WITH FRIENDS. As you level up you will be able to access League matches with exciting races. You can even create your own guild, or invite & play against friends. Be the better racer and you'll earn your spot in the Leaderboards.

In Guardian Race you don't simply play a running game, you actually join a community of real players you can interact with. Build your own guild or join an existing one to race against other like-minded players.

Winning the race requires skills but also the right strategy: what items will you equip with, which Guardian you'll summon, what weapons should you use and many more split-second decisions you'll need to take for winning the race.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this the best multiplayer run game feel free to leave your comment or follow us via Facebook:

Thank you for playing Guardian Race!


- Christmas special event!
- New region
- New guardians
- New equipments, Christmas equipments
- New pretty Santa rider


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