Sounds of Halloween by mDecks Music
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Sounds of Halloween by mDecks Music


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From the creators of Sounds of Christmas by mDecks Music comes Sounds of Halloween by mDecks Music.
Entertain family and friends with a modern twist on traditional Halloween tunes and sounds.
An amazing app that will keep you playing all day. Ideal for kids an adults.

Great for learning music while having fun!
You can also print the rhythmic score and challenge your sight reading with all-time Halloween classics.
A book with all the songs is available as a FREE download at

1. Choose if you are right-handed or left-handed then hit start.
2. You will have several pages to choose from; each contains a different task, sound and/or play-mode.
3. You can tap the "i" button in any page to get a picture of the iPhone-shaking technique for that particular page.

Rhythms Songs (First Page)
1. Choose any song using the slot-type picker. Songs are name by number (SONG#0, SONG#1, etc)
2. Hold your iPhone vertically on your writing hand (or the hand you've previously selected)
3. To play the next note just pretend you are hitting imaginary bells in front of you
4. Figure out the song's title by listening to your own performance
5. If you want to play by reading the rhythm for the current song tap on the music icon. You may print the score for the current song or for all songs at once.
6. You may adjust the sensitivity of the iPhone to fit your playing style.
7. You may tap on the "mask" icon to reveal the title for the current song

Sounds of Halloween
Many Halloween sounds are also included. Tap on the i button to see how to play the sound using the different iPhone shaking Techniques.

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