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Monthly Idol

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Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol
Screenshot of Monthly Idol


As the heyday of idol reality shows, the shows are one after another, are you addicted to the little brothers and sisters on stage? The show's over and you're sorry you can't keep this human goodness going? Knocked-up lovebirds don't often attend public events, but want to see him often enough to keep him in your phone collection?

Monthly Idol was born for this!
Fans don't have to be annoyed that your beloved bean is so far away, and mommy fans don't have to be annoyed that you won't see your hard-working child smashing girl goose again! If you're worried about the company's shady exploitation and heartbreaking child-smashing female goose, how would you nurture them and put them on the best stage possible if you were the boss?
With Monthly Idol, you can set up your favorite idol group, pick the most suitable trainees, match them with the most dazzling stage outfits, perform concerts all over the world, and make them the hottest perfect group!

Nationwide agents, sign your idols to five-year contracts and turn them into cosmic top idols! Carefully arrange professional training for the children in different specialties, from time to time to go out for a couple of laps to hold a fan meeting to increase awareness, and of course, records and concerts are also essential! Just as importantly, you can't forget to take care of your beloved bean, your body is what makes the effort!

Use the dressing room feature to pose in a multitude of styles and create the perfect stage for your idol! In addition, agents can also let their company's talented artists participate in TV's "Creation 35" and "Masked Emperor" two super-hot talent shows, and if you want to see your idols debut in the C-suite, you should work even harder to train them.

As the owner of the company, you personally go to the streets to pick up potential trainees in order to find quality trainees. Some of them may not be willing to sign with your company at first, but they will definitely be impressed by your sincerity!

Can't pick out the right style of support stick? In order to make the perfect combination, the company developed its own support stick, so let the girls see the unique sea of their own support ~ ~~~.

Pick your favorite little brother and sister and make them the number one idol group in the universe!











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