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【图腾战魂·米娅】、【织梦物语 ·千鸟】皮肤同步上线,其中织梦物语可是时下最最流行的纯真杀手——开背毛衣!

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Chaos Arena is Lilith Games first team competition mobile game. In Chaos Arend, the game's smart audit team system can help players gain a higher winning rate. In competitive mode, the time of death is very short, and fierce fighting can bring more fun to the players. At the same time, players can also set up tactics in 3D maps to experience the fun of the game. Come and play with your friends!
【No inscription system & No item system】
There is no inscription system or the item system in war hero. Hero in war, the players do not need to spend a lot of time to collect the inscriptions or lose a game because the teammate take wrong items. The game results are decided by players' skill "and", Properly choose the hero 's skills and upgrade the attributes are very important to win the game.
【No military line & No defense tower】
Chaos Arend has no military lines or defensive towers. This can lead to a faster pace of battle. At the same time, shorter death time can improve the antagonistic of the game and bring the players with very intense TPS+MOBA experience!
【3D map & Innovative tactics】
In Chaos Arend, players can deploy various tactics using 3D maps! Whether the player wants to strike the enemy like a warrior, or to be an assassin attack the enemy from behind, as long as you can think of it. Technology lab maps and alien civilization maps can give players a sense of the future.
【Intelligent audit team & Obtain higher winning rate】
Players can communicate by voice. The game can intelligently check the match team qualification, to help the player to obtain a higher winning rate! Chaos Arend is not a traditional MOBA, and even if the player uses a healing hero, it can also make a lot of damage and enjoy the pleasure of defeating the enemies. Challenge it with your friends!
【Mode Upgrade: Survival, Melee, Team】
In the alien survival mode, the safe area will shrink and the player will die once and the game will be over. Players use operations and strategies to compete for energy crystals and powerful alien equipment. The secret of winning is to protect yourself while you kill your opponent.
【Various Hero Skins, First-class CV in China】
There are various hero skins in the game, so that you can match your favorite hero! Chinese first-class CV participates in dubbing. Chaos Arend is waiting for you.

What's new

The Chaos Arend Patch Note-January 4th, 2018
On January 4th, the Chaos Arend's last round of paid-off test opened to download at 11a.m.. A new version and a super-cool gaming experience are waiting for you.
New Hero】
Saint Maurice joins the Chaos Arend.

【Survival Mode 2.0】
We optimized the survival model and brought the new survival mode 2.0 to players. In the survival mode 2.0, we have enriched the map resources, optimized the vision system, adjusted the hero attributes, added the new talent system, added the new stealth mechanism and added the refueling system.

【Survival Mode Map Optimization】
The exclusive map of Atlanta was quadrupled and the number of participants increased from 15 to 21. Players can choose their own birth point.

We adjusted the balance of the hero in melee mode and team mode.

Adjusted the text and art effects.
Adjusted the hero's voice, and the skill animation.
Optimized the operation hand feeling.

【Bugs Fixed】
Fixed some issue.

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Latest Version :7.1 Android:7.5 iOS:7.6
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    Played game for 30 minutes


  • 摸到又又
    Played game for 3 hours 59 minutes


  • 郝家
    Played game for 3 hours 26 minutes


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