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Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY

Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY

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Screenshot of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY
Screenshot of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY
Screenshot of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY
Screenshot of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY
Screenshot of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY


The sky is vast and divided into nine fields, and the other territory is vast and desolate.

At that time, the dream of Pangu, the great God of the other world, turned into an entity, turned into heaven and earth, and became the ancestor of all things. Later, there were supernatural people, who gave full play to the power of the family. It was Pangu's dream in the sky, which created the highest fantasy land, which was named magic rest seat.

A thousand years later, the Terran nation rose under Jiuye Juntian, opened up territory and established a country. Unexpectedly, the strange demons outside the sky coveted the power of the magic rest seat and set off a battle to kill the world. All immortals are invincible. The world then pushed a hero to step into the magic rest seat and wash all the demons with the supreme holy power. The world praised him as the "heavenly governor".

In the twinkling of an eye, the millennium has passed, and the prosperity is like brocade. As an ordinary disciple of the immortal sect, "you" thought he could live a peaceful life. Unexpectedly, the heaven fell apart, the demons came again, the magic seat glow was dim, and the holy power swayed. "You" was also involved in this unprecedented disaster and became the key to the vast destiny.

Developed by Shanghai soft star, the legend of fairy sword and chivalry is a push 3D role-playing CCG game. The game has a gorgeous national style picture with strong "soft" style, a new original world outlook, a card playing method challenging strategy, and a hero with distinctive character. Through the same tortuous story plot as the fairy sword of previous dynasties and touching and deep emotional disputes, it takes you to see the game world of fairy sword nine wild at the same time.

[game features]

——Gorgeous national style, new visual experience

Through the hands of the young art team of Shangruan, the game creatively integrates popular aesthetics with national style elements. With extremely delicate character modeling, ultra-high recognition 3D modeling and perfect flawless picture quality, the game creates a brilliant national style of fairy sword and brings a new visual experience to players!

——Nine original heroes on stage

The new and original nine bit heroes come from all corners of the nine wild world. They meet you only because of the unparalleled disaster and become loyal partners in your adventure journey. Players can choose from heroes representing spirit, earth, gold, wood, water, fire, wind, thunder and other attributes to complete adventure, collect card sets and fight with other players.

——Immersive open plot

The unparalleled disaster in the world calls for great heroes of literature, strategy and martial arts. Heroes of the human race, gods and beasts of the spirit race, Fanshi religion, ancient Xianmen and other resistance forces, as well as indigenous monsters such as silver hoof Saint deer, shadow cave spider woman and xunlanyi, met under Jiuye Juntian with different identities and perspectives to jointly fight against strange demons outside the sky and open the wonderful risk of saving ordinary people in the form of images.

——Tactical company combat

There are monster skills, spell books and character skills from the traditional classics and the fairy sword world. At the same time, a unique dark card array and pushing position are designed. Players can settle at the same time in the turn. They can also change the position of cards on the court through pushing, so as to obtain tactical advantages. Hero classes have different skills. They can build card groups of different strengths and genres to fight with other players in real time.

——Free random Adventure

The development of multi chapter main line and branch line stories brings immersive and diversified plot experience, and roguelike play method that can be repeatedly tried and challenged, so that every adventure journey is a unique process; Every time we encounter a survival crisis, we will encounter completely different enemies; Each collection of different treasures will bring different surprises.


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Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy JY is officially released now.


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Official 官方料君-小苏 : 感谢天选者的好评! 关于战斗方向的问题,我们希望更好地展示卡牌攻击时的动画效果而不是仅展示我方角色的后背,所以会采用镜头随人物移动的设定,您希望关闭这一功能和调整视角的建议小苏会帮您转达的~! 增加英语方面,如果后续有外服的宣发计划,也是肯定会有哒~ 最后您的脑洞也会给到相关人员参考哦~目前来看这类操作还是有一定的风险,对于一些喜欢原汁原味的玩家来讲可能不大能够接受~(*/ω\*) 最后,喜欢九野的话能否+1星支持下嘞~我们会努力产出新内容哒~(′▽`〃)




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