Elemental Defender

Elemental Defender



Fast paced "defender" style game! Control archers and cast powerful spells to defend village from hordes of attacking monsters!
This is a difficult and challenging game which will push your focus and tapping skills to the limit!
Play single player or fight against live opponents in two unique online multiplayer modes and one two player mode on a single screen!

Earn points for defeating waves of enemies, compete with people around the world and compare your scores with friends on Facebook.

Unlock achievements for defeating multiple types of attackers: melee, ranged, flying, summoners...

Upgrade strength & speed of archers, hire additional archers to help you, learn magic and cast power spells by drawing them on screen.

Defeat multiple types of enemies:
- melee: Skeletons and Knights
- long range: Devils and Worms
- flying: Dragons which can fly over your defenses!
- suicidal: Runners which will explode damaging all surroundings!
- summoners: Creatures summoning Runners or Dragons!
- The Boss: Priest of the Darkness surrounded by a force field, with extremely powerful attack!

All of the enemies have their strong points and weaknesses. You will have to change attack types and patterns during level to beat them all and get the highest score!

Game is full of tricky levels. Every level is a separate challenge, where you have to setup your skills and magic abilities correctly in order to beat it and get the highest score!

Every level has at least two ways to complete, but all of them are difficult and require focus, fast and precise tapping!
Pay attention to the description of all enemies during level to identify their weaknesses and adjust your skills!
Try to get the highest score on all the levels!

Extremely fun feature: TWO online multiplayer modes and additional two player mode which let's you compete with your friends on a single screen!!


- DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: all of the levels have been balanced! They are now easier to complete but they still require players to focus and be precise to get all the stars!
- MINIMAL PERMISSIONS: we've worked around many issues to limit the permissions required by Elemental Defender to bare minimum. Please note, if you have network issues it may take longer to load some scenes now.
- IMPROVED tutorial mode! Learn how to drag & aim and shoot in multiple places at the same time!
- TRAINING LEVELS: first 20 levels are now training levels, with tips about the level and suggestions on how to distribute the Gems! Remember, these tips will let you complete the level, but you may still get a better score using different settings!
- 100% COMPLETION GUARANTEED AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! You don't have to buy any additional gems/features/unlocks to complete this game! All of the levels are beatable without using any powerups or bonuses dropped by enemies! They are here to make it easier, allow you to get a better score OR to completely mess up the level by speeding up all of the enemies!
- BONUS! Now you get additional online mode: Survival. It comes in two varieties: expert and regular. Beat several levels of incoming enemies and mercenaries sent by your live opponent! Earn golden coins and hire your mercenaries to attack your opponent! WATCH OUT!!! You can steal gold your opponent used to hire mercenaries by tapping on it instantly after it was dropped! Take over your opponent's gold and send a huge wave of mercenaries!

* many levels, each with at least two ways to complete
* multiple enemy types
* unique power spells drawn on screen
* achievements
* online and single device multiplayer modes
* Google Play Game Services integration


- Balanced levels - levels which definition was changed will have the previous score erased. You can complete it again to improve your score and get more stars!
- New multiplayer mode!
- Improved game loading times and animation
- Fixes for Android 4 and above
- NEW Google Play Game Services integration


  • 文件大小 : 62.61MB
  • 当前版本 : 1.3.1
  • 更新时间 :
  • 系统: 2.2及更高版本
  • 厂商: Cluain









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