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Screenshot of Soul of Ink
Screenshot of Soul of Ink
Screenshot of Soul of Ink
Screenshot of Soul of Ink
Screenshot of Soul of Ink


The love of the world can make the feelings contained in the masterpiece to be handed down to the world from the soul of ink, called Soul of Ink, appear in the world.
Soul of Ink comes from all over the world, and lives in Ink Mark Studio. But this ink soul is born out of love, but also because the world will forget and dissipate; we must look for poems and writings to strengthen the soul, in order to stay.
However, it is a difficult life for the soul to be born, and there is a long way to go in Kyushu, so we need the help of our companions to retrace our steps and find our memories.
This is the reason why the post of Orchid Platform was created.
Over the past thousand years, Soul of Ink has always fluctuated with people's love of literature and ink, and for a time Soul of Ink was in turmoil, so much so that Soul of Ink was nowhere to be found.
Now, with the return of Soul of Ink, are you willing to be the next Lan Tai, to take over the decadent Soul of Ink, to help them collect their works, to help them become a complete personality, and to listen to the gossip and see the past?
We also have...hey hey hey, don't pull me? What's the matter, hungry?
Let's go home and cook for Tzu-Yu!

If you accept this responsibility, you will take care of the woodland in Soul of Ink, rebuild the decayed pavilions and establish your own paradise.
You will accompany Soul of Ink to search for works of art in the past, and resonate with the holy arts of the past.
With Soul of Ink, you will be able to live a modern life, selling wine and calligraphy, making payments electronically and subsidizing your alms.
You will discover that Soul of Ink are different in temperament, but they all share the same love of worldly fireworks and eating grains and cereals.
You'll find that Soul of Ink has more than just happiness, anger and sadness, it even learns how to spit.
You'll also find....
Why don't you do it?


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