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Fighting Chicken – the ultimate smooth spitting and swallowing game play experience! This extremely fun and ego feeding game features both social and casual environment with one simple game rule: Big Eats Small.
Take “control” of the balls and chat with players around the globe to dominate! Record a video and share it on FB and YouTube. Compete in 5 person teams and be very careful of the super addicting nature of the game.
The goal is quite simple, become the biggest on screen. However with other greedy ones around you and the creepy green eyes, moving across the screen is not such an easy task.Game Features:
[Free Donuts and Skins]
Invite friends and family to play together and receive free donuts in game to exchange super cool skins, costumes, halo and shining tails. Share your exclusive game link. The more people you invite over, the more perks you get from Fighting Chicken!
[5 Person Team Mode]
Tired of being swallowed? Hide and contribute to the big ones on your team. Set up smart strategy for guaranteed bigger chance of survival! Feed your teammates with smaller selves or spit seeds. Watch your team dominate!
[Brand New Social Page]
Upload any pictures on your profile page. Create your album of game or life special moment. Check out your friends’ page in game. Make friends online!
[Real Time Chatting]
Communication never gets this easy. Now it’s time to chat with people around the globe and form teams to fight together. Your teammates would love to hear from you!
[Video Recording]
Share and brag your moments on FB or YouTube! Vlog your skills and strategic game play. You can be the next pop star.
[Fabulous Skins and Costumes]
Now you can play with zombie banana with red burning halo, spitting sushi and showing off with a golden sunshine tail. Lots of options to choose from to show off your style!
Fighting Chicken is for gamers looking for ego explosion and weird addiction for competition in teams. With ever player striving to become bigger, you will encounter fierce competition but extreme satisfaction when you successfully swallow others.
Welcome to Fighting Chicken!
Email if you have suggestions or simply want to chat with us.


Added new features and skins


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