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Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Get ready to battle! Have fun in multiplayer battle racing games brought to you by the creators of other fun and epic games like Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja and Dan the Man.

Run online against players all around the world or play with friends battling in fun packed epic multiplayer racing games under two minutes each.

Unlock and upgrade tons of legendary characters from other epic Halfbrick games like Barry from Jetpack Joyride, Dan from Dan the Man or the fruit cutting ninjas from Fruit Ninja. Use them to race your way to victory.

Feel free to have a fun filled run playing games as a time killer or make everyone else taste your dust competing online to climb your way up to the top of the online global leaderboards!


Join the battle and run in online games against people all around the world! Pick your favorite character and have fun running epic free for all races across all kinds of fun locations like the endless labs from Jetpack Joyride.

🔥 Quick Play mode: Have a quick and fun run playing online in up to 4 people multiplayer games!

🔥 Friendly Race mode: Have some fun racing online against your friends in custom private games!

🔥 UFO Apocalypse: In these games you will have to run with all your might and avoid the UFO while battling against other players. Have fun throwing your rivals into the UFO beam!

🔥 Super Sonic Speed: The speed of your character will be over the top in these games. Don’t let anyone else out run you in these intense super epic fast races!

🔥 Flappy Bomb: Enjoy multiplayer games where a flappy evil bomb is chasing after all the players. Watch out! If you stay in last position for too long it will blow you out of the race!

🔥 Portal Mania: The most ambitious and epic crossover ever! Only for the best racers, in these games you will race across the sections of all the worlds you have played in the game traveling through interdimensional portals each time!


Collect a ton of epic and unique characters from all across awesome Halfbrick games. Each character has their own set of epic abilities. Level them up and upgrade them to make them the best! You can even customize your favorite characters with tons of skins!

These are some of the cool character you will find:

👉 Barry from Jetpack Joyride
👉 Mary from Fruit Ninja
👉 The high five Scientist from Jetpack Joyride
👉 Raskull King from Magic Brick Wars
👉 Dan from Dan The Man
👉 Flash from Jetpack Joyride
👉 Josie from Dan The Man
👉 Sensei from Fruit Ninja
👉 Zombie T-Rex from Age of Zombies


Take your time, chill out and experience our fun racing game at your own pace or challenge yourself and climb your way up to the top of each leaderboard from Wood Division to the epic Masters Division where you will run super intense multiplayer games competing online against the best players.


The game keeps growing every time with new racing tracks, new epic characters and new cool events to keep the game fresh and interesting.

-Free to play online multiplayer racing games
-Up to 4 players online multiplayer races
-Race solo or against your friends
-Quick multiplayer games under 2 minutes
-New multiplayer events weekly
-Customize your favorite runners with epic unlockable skins
-Easy to learn and have fun
-Learn all its secrets and show everyone who’s boss by climbing up the leaderboards


Google Play
供应商 Halfbrick Studios
统一社会信用代码 109693227
Last Updated on 2021-12-11
Network Connection Required
Network Tools Not Required
System Requirements Android 4.1 +