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New Soul Land

New Soul Land

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Screenshot of New Soul Land
Screenshot of New Soul Land
Screenshot of New Soul Land
Screenshot of New Soul Land
Screenshot of New Soul Land


The starting point of the Chinese network is highly recommended, the entire network has 4 billion clicks on the gold medal IP, and the official cooperation mobile game of the Tencent video "New Soul Land" animation. Adapted from the original Tang Shao San Shao, 100% plot reduction, free micro-experience and smooth experience, the animator set Tang San Xiao Wu Qingqing to settle in the game, roaming linkage, let you feast your eyes! Subversive strategy gameplay, original kite walking, which can charge and flash, bid farewell to brainless standing, extreme walking and jumping monsters. The strongest soul teacher assembly, join hands with Shrek seven monsters, build peerless Tangmen, conquer Douluo continent today!


Version 2022-06-21
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1.【SSS魂灵·天梦冰蚕】: 精神冷却,冰消瓦解。全新辅助型SSS魂灵【天梦冰蚕】来临。
2.【全新玩法生命之树】: 跨服掠夺资源,赢得专属头像框,还在等什么!


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