Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders

Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders

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The planet Earth has been destroyed by a strange alien race called "Tron" .The army of the new Earth II decides to create a new type of weapon, the Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders. A Galactic War is started, a new space shooter.The Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders are specially created to eliminate Tron strike forces .Like a space invaders classic, game are equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, blasters, drones, missiles and shields. A space wars is incoming, take the control on this space shooter.
The starfall are not a threat that threatens the peace of the galaxy, in this galaxy wars you may find asteroids, over 60 missions , fight with bosses and many space invaders
- Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders Features:
- Destroy asteroids and Tron Force.
- 3 Types of classes spaceships each with a different type of skill to get the victory on space combat.
- Over 60 levels with beautiful design to enjoy.
- 6 Final Boss in Galactic wars.
- Improvements to your ships, drones, blasters, missiles, shields and more.
- Compelling story with two alternate endings, new on alien games.
- The controls are easy to learn and use, keeping the old feeling of playing in a game room.
- Translated into more than 7 languages!
- Space Invaders classic Free for everyone.
- Special space defense games on galaxy wars.
- Vertical-Scroll with no ending constellations.
- 12 Spaceship to customize, get the best in spaceship games!
- 5 Original Sound Track by Sergio Gonzalez @oblidivm.
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A new spaceship game, where you can select your spaceship and upgrade or customize alot of weapons, shiled, or magnet!
Our cool shooting games have special soundTrack, you could download or enjoy it playing the best shooting game ever.
If you like laser shooting games, you must play Galaxy Strikers, is a shooting game on space and you must protect the Earth, then this is your space invaders free game.
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Special version 1.2
Happy new 2017.
Activated 3 slots and cloud save.
We hope you like it and could rate the game for our developers.


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