DamCell: Princess Run
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DamCell: Princess Run


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Explore complex dungeons with unique room designs and solve the puzzles to unlock hand-drawn cut scenes. Defeat all enemies and bosses to finish the game.

The princess is trapped in a mysterious dungeon surrounded by strange finger-like aliens. The prince is coming to the rescue but you can't just wait around. You want to save yourself!
Solve complex environmental puzzles, defeat foes and unravel the mystery of the dungeon.

The first of many beautifully crafted games to come by Bright Hand Studio. We are determined to create intriguing game experiences on your mobile.

Created by Prokisch Dani
Music by Aleksander Lelievre
Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com

Contact prokischdev@gmail.com with any questions, comments or suggestions.

•boss fights
•unique room designs
•beautiful pixel art
•atmospheric audio and music
•complex dungeons/puzzles
•hand illustrated cut scenes
•intriguing storyline
•enjoy the environmental artwork to the fullest in minimal UI mode

What's new

This new update changes greatly the gameplay and the game-feel. Further changes can be accepted with new updates.
This update includes:
•New slicker control mechanics with some changes in the puzzles
•Introduction of the new collectable in-game stars. These collectables will determine which ending you will get once implemented in a future update.
•New icon.
•Bug fixes.

Detailed info

  • 一夜清风




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