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Global Flame

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Screenshot of Global Flame
Screenshot of Global Flame
Screenshot of Global Flame
Screenshot of Global Flame
Screenshot of Global Flame


Global Flame is a multiplayer survival game developed by ZeusGame Studio. The game supports multiplayer networking, players survive as survivors alone in the complex world of the end of the earth, collecting resources, taming dinosaurs, building homes, forming alliances, fighting against external invasion, and competing with other survivors for survival resources in real time.


- Global crisis, the end of the Earth to survive
The Earth is full of devastation: alien technology invaded the Earth, survival resources are on the verge of extinction; human pathology, dead humans turned into zombies continue to spread the death virus; surviving creatures go berserk, ancient creatures resurrected, prehistoric giant dinosaurs return to Earth. Surviving human survival space is being extremely compressed. Players as survivors in the game, only one goal, survive, and strive to live a little longer!

- Dinosaur taming, capture hatching riding war
Ancient creatures resurrected, prehistoric giant dinosaurs back to Earth: Stegosaurus, Aetosaurus, Long-necked Dragon, Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaurs you know or do not know are all on the scene, and alien technology, zombies and other intertwined into an intricate and huge doomsday crisis. However, dinosaurs bring you not all the danger, but also may become your survival in the game's right-hand man. Because, you have the opportunity to capture, hatch, tame dinosaurs, and even, you can train dinosaurs to become your riding pets, accompany you in adventure and battle.

- Homeland management, build survival base
Homeland brings the last hope of survival, but please don't imagine hiding in the home to survive, because this cruel world will not let you have a moment of peace. So, stimulate your brain power, improve your technology, explore, collect, and get more resources through battles, then open facilities to produce more resources to develop your home, and make your home a survival base in the game world.

- Mercenary development, talent with different characteristics
The unique mercenary system, mercenaries can be obtained through recruitment, players upgrade the shelter population can continuously recruit mercenaries, each mercenary has their own different skills and gain effect on the home. So, whether in the survival process of resource search, or in the battle between players home attack and defense, mercenaries will play a huge role, for you in the global fire survival rules brave forward, looking to survive the last hope. Different types of mercenaries have different combat abilities and gain performance. Reasonable taming of dinosaurs and clever matching of mercenaries will make you invincible in home attack and defense battles.

- Real-time battles, multiplayer survival confrontation
Surviving in the world of Global Firepower, you will surely meet more survivors like you. Among them, there may be people who share the same principles and bottom line as you, and there may be opponents who do not share the same plan. Then, please with the same way for the company, to the strangers fighting. Because, the world of the end, all resources are scarce, survival is always cruel. So, in order to survive, please bring your like-minded friends, recruit survivors and tame dinosaurs together, and attack and plunder the shelters of the strangers to your heart's content!


Official Website: http://qqhl.2125.com


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