Red Ball GO

Red Ball GO

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Do you like hard ball games? Are you looking for a tough jumping ball game with spikes for your Android device?

Well, your search ends here! Welcome to Red Ball Go, an almost impossible physics based red ball bounce game for your Android. Download the game to start rolling, quick jumping and bouncing in this endless redball running adventure fun. Run and jump over spikes, rings and platforms in this challenging hardball bounce game. The aim of this tough endless fun game is to go as far as possible, score as high as possible but remember to dodge and don’t touch the spikes in your way through.

Why are you still reading this? It’s time to download this amazing redball jumping challenge. Oh, you want some more details about it? Here you go then!

How to Play:

It’s a simple but hardball game. Tap your screen anywhere to jump and bounce your redball, double tap to make a double jump with a perfect timing. Jump over platforms and rings, dodge and don’t touch the spikes, have fun. You also collect stars in your way through to unlock 10 additional characters.
Why it is an amazing game:

- Universal app, play in HD on any Android device including tabs
- Exciting endless jumping fun
- Free to download and play
- Awesome redball jumping physics
- Amazing graphics and backgrounds
- Awesome sounds and music track
- A reflex test and an almost impossible bounce game-play

This endless red ball bounce game is very challenging and literally a reflex test for you. It’s easy to play but too tough to master. You’ll need some good practice and set a high score before challenging your friends and family. “Red Ball Go” is a perfect and a must have game for your Android if you like playing hardball or bounce ball games.
Now you’re ready to dodge the spikes and score high in this endless hardball game “Red Ball Go”. Enjoy!

Please leave us a rating and review to let us know what you think about this amazing redball fun. We always want to continue to deliver some of the best and most fun games possible, and your feedback will play an important role in us being able to achieve this.


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  • 当前版本 : 1.0.0
  • 更新时间 :
  • 系统: 3.0及更高版本
  • 厂商: Phillip Kung









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