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Epic Defense - Origins

Epic Defense - Origins

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The game is not available in this country/region


"Epic Defense – Origins" is the expansion of “Epic Defense – Element”. The epic tower defense series has been widely acclaimed by global game players, and this expansion offers a more gorgeous visual effect, more challenging levels, and more variety of enemies.<p>Different from other tower defense games where players only spend coins to build towers, in this game, players need to combine three kinds of elements, fire, ice and thunder, to summon defense towers with different magic.</p>
<p>The attacking effect of towers varies greatly for different monsters. It is a key to victory to make well use of the advantages of each tower.</p>
<p>Game features:<br>1. The three elements – fire, ice and thunder – can form 10 types of defense towers, each with unique magic.<br>2. Brilliant magic effect with a scene image of WOW-style.<br>3. A huge map with 4 scenarios, 12 regions and 60 levels.<br>4. Money is not all! Victory also requires appropriate strategy and a bit luck.<br>5. The RPG-style tower upgrading system will constantly strengthen your power.</p>
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