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Sophia - My Little Sis

Sophia - My Little Sis

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The game is not available in this country/region


Your new little sis is here! Take care of her, just like her big sister Emma would! Feed her, bathe her, dress up &amp; more! It’s up to you to be the best big sis and help Sophia grow up to be a beautiful little girl! How will YOU take care of baby sis Sophia? <p>* Adopt Sophia - Emma's little sis!<br>* Feed and take care of baby sis Sophia!<br>* Play tons of minigames and collect coins!<br>* Dress up and style Sophia!<br>* Try out new outfits, shoes &amp; accessories!<br>* Bathe and clean baby sis Sophia!<br>* Plant a beautiful garden! <br>* Jump on the trampoline &amp; play jump rope!<br>* Pamper Sophia like a princess at the all new spa!<br>* Style Sophia’s hair at the salon!<br>* Tuck little sis Sophia into bed!<br>* Earn parenting awards as you care for Sophia!</p>
<p>Bond with baby Sophia when you head to the playground! Play creative games like Match Toss and serving cupcakes! You can even dress up little Sophia! It’s your chance to be the best parent you can be! </p>
<p>If you love My Emma, you’ll love this game! Adopt your very own baby Sophia and let the fun begin! </p>
<p>Some call her Sofia by mistake, but her mother named her Sophia. So if you hear someone calling the name: “Sofia… Sofia… Sofia…”, you will soon hear a little girl’s gentle voice saying: “My name is Sophia! NOT Sofia!!!”.<br>So remember that next time you call her :)</p>
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Last Updated on 2020-08-28