Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

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Gather your armies and fight for honor in the ultimate game of skill, strategy and brutal warfare. In Legends of Honor, heroes rise and empires fall in the blink of an eye. Play for free now and join the battle for domination! A free to play strategy game for legends! Download Legends of Honor now!
♚ Explore and conquer far away kingdoms on a multi-terrain 3D world map
♚ Raise a mighty army and fight for the honor of your faction
♚ Unlock heroes and lead armies into tactical battle scenarios
♚ Forge powerful alliances and crush your enemies in epic PVP combat
♚ Build and customize your own medieval castle
♚ Talk and strategize with friends in a huge community with an active online forum
Legends of Honor’s combination of quick-fire, strategic combat, tactical empire building, and resource management ensures you must plan wisely and attack quickly, or see your castle turn to dust.
A game in which fast-paced action and strategic castle building go hand in hand, Legends of Honor presents an expansive world map for players to explore and conquer. However, not all wars are won on the battlefield and as lord of your castle, it falls on you to lay the foundations for a thriving economy, build deadly weapons for your soldiers, and ensure your defenses are strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the bloodthirsty villains who besiege to your walls.
Do you have what it takes to be a Legend of Honor? Play now for free!
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Forum & Community: http://community.legendsofhonor.com/en
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This game requires an internet connection.


- New locations will appear on the world map that can be occupied by your heroes.
- Occupying outposts will earn you valuable resource rewards for your alliance.
~ Alliance
- Members can now help to decrease time needed for Building and Research
- There is a cap on the amount of help one process can receive
- RSS and Currency can now be added to an Alliance Storage
- Caps can be increased through Research
- Members can now send mass mails


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