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r.color/Sense of color GAME

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Which is the same color? Do you know the correct color wheel? Which is the complementary color? Which color is the color that was used in the illustration?

Designer, fashion stylist, chef, manicurist, etc... People who are specialists in color. Make a habit of honing and maintaining your color sensitivity using the app "r.color" which has many kind of games all for FREE.

This app is NOT a game which praises you, like 'Your eyes are like a machine! Fantastic!', those games only want you to share and recommend them on SNS. This game is more difficult. If you are a specialist in color, you might get over 80 points. If you're not, you might get about 50 or 60 points.

This app's purpose is to hone and maintain your color sensitivity. Before using a PC, you adjust the screen color, don't you? So why don't you maintain your color sensitivity before you start to work?

You can enjoy seven games on this app.

・MATCHING/select a color to match a colored text
・WHEEL/complete the color wheel
・GRADATION/complete the color gradation
・COMPLEMENT/identify the complementary color of colored text
・BRIGHTNESS/complete the color in order from brightest to darkest
・SCHEMES/identify the colors used in illustrations
※ YouTube video is the iPhone version. VARIANCE is iPhone version only.

Start a simple game 'MATCHING', and you get over 50 points, then 'WHEEL'and 'SCHEMES' will be unlocked. If you aren't a specialist in color, you can learn about color wheels, complementary colors or brightness and variance, and your color sensitivity would be improved throughout the game.

If you have great confidence with colors, try to get 100 points. If you get 100 from all games, your eye level might be almost like a machine! Be proud of yourself!

Over 75 points is a good score so if you don't achieve this, even if you're a specialist in color, you may be tired. Stop working today to rest for your eyes and try it again the next day. You might be better next time.

'r.color', it's an app to hone and maintain your color sensitivity. Learn colors and play colors!

・'MATCHING', Score over 50 points to unlock 'WHEEL' and 'SCHEMES'
・'WHEEL', Score over 50 points to unlock 'GRADATION' and 'BRIGHTNESS'
・'GRADATION', Score over 50 points to unlock 'COMPLEMENT'
・If you get stuck in the middle of the games, learn from 'Tips' about colors.
・The highest point is automatically saved.

[Recommend Setting]
The brightness of the screen, it's recommended to play at 50% or more.


Upgrade to cordova 6.2. Improve the operating speed.
Delete the Twitter share button.


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