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王者天下:全面衝突(Kingdoms Mobile)

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The law of the land is kill or be killed! Will you be the ultimate ruler in Kingdoms Mobile? The new world-building strategy game from IGG needs strong leaders. Can you build the next great empire or will your forces become prey for a hungrier foe?
Kingdoms Mobile is an online, multiplayer, real-time strategy that takes place on a fantasy continent torn apart by war. Grow your army, collect and train wild Heroes, expand your lands, and defend what’s yours from deadly opponents. Need help? Team up with a Guild, build mighty alliances and coordinate massive attacks. No border can hold you! Move between game servers with ease for epic Invasions! But remember, in the long run, it’s every man for himself and the fall is always greatest from the top of the mountain…★HD Graphics★
High quality art and graphics! See every leaf and blade of grass as you trample over the battlefield!
★Powerful Heroes★
Special skills, tremendous talents, and wild warriors! Recruit Heroes to lead your troops into battle!
★Grow Your Kingdom★
Become a leader of the people! Develop your city and build an empire!
★Invasions from Multiple Worlds★
Challenge and team up with players no matter what server you’re on!
★Fight Across the Planet★
Engage in skirmishes with enemies all over the world!
★Sacrifice Your Enemies★
Offer their lives on the altar in exchange for divine blessings!
★Massive Guild Battles★
Team up with players and join forces to take out epic threats!
Game Features:
✔Real time battles against players all over the world!
✔Raid your opponents, upgrade your buildings, and expand your city!
✔Recruit and train Heroes!
✔Battle other Guilds for territorial control!
✔Play with and challenge players on any server!
✔Fight to survive in a world torn apart by war! Can you rise above the pack?
Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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  • File Size: 150.27MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.167
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: IGG.COM
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